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Mother Earth - The Aftermath - "What the...?"
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Mother Earth - The Aftermath
"We were naturally disappointed in the language that weakened and watered down the agreement." - Canada's Environment 'Minister' John Baird, with regards to the outcome of talks in Bali.

Now, considering his -and our government's- already very low standards, this says a lot about what was achieved in Bali. No thanks to his -and our government's- railroading, evidently.

Well, at least the oil company reps that he brought with him at the conference must have been pleased ;)

Here is last Monday's slightly tardy, but very earthy, playlist:

Kate Bush - Hello Earth
The Mission - Heaven on Earth
Days Of The New - Face of the Earth
Midnight Oil - Earth and Sun and Moon
Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation (Mother Earth)
Within Temptation - Mother Earth
The Gathering - The Earth is my Witness
Martin L. Gore - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Tears For Fears - Last Days on Earth
David Usher - Final Thought and the Last Day on Earth

On yet another sober note, I'd like to just remind everyone that it's the holiday season.

Yes, yes... I know you know. But what I'd like to draw attention to again this year is the fact that some people feel very isolated during the holidays. While you might be spending a lot of time with friends and family, some people, for various reasons, aren't as fortunate and have to spend the holidays a tad removed.

And while the impression that suicide rates jump up during the holidays is generally misplaced (based on some research I did for the show a few years back), I know a lot of people who find this time of year difficult. After all, even if one is typically self-sufficent, everything functions on limited hours or is closed during the holidays. So, for a person who is unable to see their friends or family (or, God forbid, doesn't have any!) the regular outlets may not be available to them - it's bad enough being isolated without being able to distract yourself.

So it is with this in mind that I conjure you to look around, and pay close attention to your friends and family - you might find that there are some lonely people amongst them. See if you can't reach out to them this Christmas Season. Christmas isn't really just about expensive gifts, is it? Isn't it really about the act of giving?

And, honestly, isn't caring a gift that keeps on giving?

Thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

State Of Mind: peaceful peaceful
Aural Stimulation: Angelo Badalamenti : 'Blue Velvet'

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