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"What the...?"
Radio with multiple personalities
There's a lot of talk about the environment lately. With the UN talks in Bali starting today, the world's eyes are set on Canada. Everyone (Canadians included) wants to see which role our country will play in moving ahead the progress on preventing/reducing climate change. Considering our 'sabotage' of the Commonwealth Summit in Uganda a little over a week ago, it's no wonder.

Green has become the most recognizable colour in the world right now. Since the state of our environment is a consistently growing concern to our global village, all shades of green are finding their way in the unlikeliest places. We see and hear of so-called 'green' projects and products just about everywhere - in fact, it currently permeates our culture not unlike the way that it did in the mid-eighties to early nineties.

Will it last? Who knows… we humans can be so fickle sometimes.

Whether we decide to bury our heads in the sand anew or not, one thing is sure: we won't be able to escape the consequences of our inaction. Depending on your opinion on this issue, doing nothing will either paint your future green or black - but it's clear that we're at a turning point either economically and/or environmentally.

We are 'green' in so many ways. We have so little experience and understanding of what's happening with the environment that it's no wonder that we're also scrambling to get a decent grasp on what's going on, unable to get a real footing while the storms are brewing.

It reminds me of the most recent Liberal leader, who rose to the top his party on a 'green' platform. The Leader of the Official Opposition has actually survived a whole year at the helm while being flung about left and right, from outside and from within. If he was a bit wet behind the ears when he took up the mantle, he surely isn't now. He probably still has a lot to learn about the cut-throat world of politics, genteel idealist that he seems to be, but no doubt the last twelve months have been a crash course he'll never forget.

Very few people would envy the position Mr. Dion found himself in (stumbled into?). Some say that being Leader of the Opposition is the most thankless -and hardest- job in Canadian politics. I wonder if that's true, although being leader of a divided -and divisive- force certainly might be; it must be hard to keep the boat afloat, let alone set sail, when there's always someone punching holes in its hull.

One person who is shamelessly envious of him, however, is the NDP leader. He has been doing his utmost to try to project himself as the next Leader of the Opposition. No doubt he and his party are fed up with being relegated to the sidelines and are anxious to get into the 'big' time - even if it means having to endure the struggles and growing pains that would inevitably face them in their newfound role.

Mr. Layton has been particularly aggressive recently. He's always been pitbull-esque, but everyone could smell the blood flowing from the 'red' party ranks. So he when for the jugular as best as he could. Politics is very much about opportunism and he is as opportunistic as the best/worst of them. Whether he sets his sights on the right targets is a different matter (Afghanistan and the Senate come to mind, for instance), but he is very quick to take on an issue if it will help his party's cause.

Being "green with envy" is an odd expression. One has to wonder why the colour should represent something as low as envy. I mean, we can understand why red equals anger and why blue equates sadness, right? Yellow with respect to fear or cowardice can certainly be imagined, but why would green -the most peaceful and restful of all colours- end up paired with such a sickening emotion?

It turns out that it could very well be attributed to Shakespeare, who referred to it in 'Othello' via the character Iago: "O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on", said he. He also referred to envy, more specifically, in 'Anthony and Cleopatra' as "the green sickness". If he was the first to make the connection and why he did escapes me, but considering his considerable influence on English culture in general it would be hardly surprising that it began there.

Envy is hardly limited to desire for another's possessions or fortunes, but it turned out that money has become associated to the colour thanks to the US 'greenback' (as it is commonly called). The American dollar has been such a HUGE presence in the world at the end of the last millennium that George Washington's likeness has largely been associated with wealth and capitalism. Stacks of dollars certainly resonate a lot more than stacks of pesos, and many countries even have their own brand of 'dollars', including Canada. (Had their forefathers had the foresight of trade marking their dollar, we would probably have to pay a percentage on each of own 'dollars' just for using the name)

I remember so very well the mountains of dollars that Scrooge McDuck would dive into and swim through, in his mega-vault; it was quite literally a sea of green bills (and some coins). It left quite an impression on me as a child and, although I knew that it was just a work of fiction, I felt somewhat cheated when I discovered that our money was not the 'right' colour. Our bills were certainly nicer, but something was nevertheless off: money had to look, sound and smell green.

I would have added 'taste' to that list, but I never contemplated eating money. It might be fun to be so wealthy that you could quite literally make yourself a money sandwich (piles of 'bread' between two slices of bread!), but I'm sure I would never be so decadent. Anyway, for me green tastes of mint. I'm sure that it does for almost everyone in North America, since all types of mint-flavoured products are automatically associated with the colour green. Sure there's the rare pink and more frequent white, but green foods or scents are minty fresh.

I don't know why that is, really. I may sometimes feel as old as the world, but I'm not, so I haven't had the chance to be there for the origin of the mint/green association. However, I do enjoy every moment of it. Whether it's my thrice-daily piece of gum or a soothing bowl of peppermint ice cream at night (while watching a movie), I must say that mint has become one of my favourite flavours over the years. Granted, it's notches below cinnamon (the real kind, not that crappy artificial stuff!) and vanilla, but it's way up there - well above the meats for which mint jelly has been invented, much to my displeasure.

The few times that I had the 'opportunity' of eating mint jelly I was almost sick to my stomach. It usually goes with lamb, which is a tender meat that I rarely partake in, but it just ruins the whole affair. How anyone can have that foul mint jelly escaped me early on and had enough impact that I don't even dare consider it now - in fact, it may very well be one of the reasons why I stay away from lamb (which is a good thing when you consider the cute lil' things that get slaughtered to be smothered in green).

It never made me sick per se, though. Although, ironically, being sick is also frequently represented in pop culture by the colour green. The frequency with which cartoon characters of all stripes turn green from nausea or illness makes the association almost second-nature for most of us. Oh, sometimes you get the odd grey-coloured sick person, but seasickness frequently produces green people who spew green innards.

Another irony about the colour green is that it is represented in a completely opposite fashion in some cultures: apparently (and I say 'apparently' with all the due reverence given to wikireality), it can represent immortality. Where we frequently paint our ill eastern denizens green, it seems that Ancient Egypt had a completely different picture in mind: Osiris, their God of life, death and fertility was green from head to toe.

The Christian Devil has also frequently associated with green in centuries past, versus the currently red-version we commonly see. This is also something I failed to research, because I am simply not interested in religion and I'm sure those of you who are can enjoy the chance to look into this. But, apparently, event he poet Chaucer connected the Devil with the colour, as did some painters. I can live with the red one, so long as he leaves me well enough alone.

One thing I am 100% sure of, and I also didn't do any research to back my claim, is that leprechauns are frequently associated with green. Well, fact is, it appears that leprechauns were originally red. I did not know that. So it might be that the modern version is green because of the mythical creature's Irish origins - but I prefer to think that it's because of those breakfast cereals (product placement unneeded ;).

When I was a kid, I wanted to eat those yummy-looking breakfast cereals so badly I would lick the TV screen. No, not really - I only became that deviant as an adult. No, not really - I'm still kidding. My mom wouldn't let me have them, of course, but those marshmallows seemed sooooooooooo very delicious -and fun- that I just had to have some. Then I had a bowl and the magic was gone. She was right, I was wrong. Not only were they bad for me, but actually eating them stripped away a layer from my wide-eyed innocent view of the world; it wasn't always what it appeared to be.

Oh, and Santa isn't real either. Sorry, folks.

Sometimes our eyes are showered with glitter until we see no more. Meanwhile, we are so distracted by the eye-candy that we stumble about, oblivious to the reality of the moment: pitfalls are all around us, traps have been set before us, and we have no idea that they are there. If we're lucky, we weave our way through blindly and twist our ankles only a few times. If we're less fortunate, we set off deadly traps or fall into pits that could be terribly hard to get out of - after all, who knows the way out when you didn't see the way in?

Our current debate on the environment is that kind of moment: who knows who is speaking the truth? Who knows who is being sincere or who is being self-serving? But the traps are set, and the dangers are real. We have our economy on the one hand and we have our planet on the other. Either way, it's our livelihood.

But, which truth we serve and which dangers we will face is up to us, and we don't have much time left to decide where we're headed. We need to open our collective eyes and decide soon because our actions -or inaction- could have irreversible repercussions on all of us. And those after us.

While you consider the chain of greenery that I have planted before you, I will now finish off a can of mouth-watering green-tea iced tea that I cracked open hours ago and offer up this week's grim playlist for you to enjoy: Rehashed by Type O NegativeCollapse )

The next few weeks are a little up in the air. We had fully intended to do a couple of shows on 'Mother Earth', such is my anger with the current state of things. Oh, nothing too moralistic - just a little exorcism for my own screaming sanity.

However, a computer glitch has hobbled all the work that I put into it so far and this might delay things; I will only know for sure later on this week. I will do my utmost to keep those two on schedule, though, which would take us to the end of the month - and leave room for one final show before we do the year-end reviews in January.

Will it be a show on 'clowns'? Will it be the dawning of 'doom'? Or will we have our little 'Ode to Librarians'? It's really all in the air, and all over the place - so we'd love to get your input on this one.

Tell us what you'd like to hear. Throw your sick, twisted ideas at us - we can take it. Heck, we'll even entertain the more conventional ones that you have, so don't hesitate to reach out :)

Thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

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Aural Stimulation: Opeth : 'Damnation'

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Type O Negative

Tune in to your dark side this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern) and come enjoy a few classics that have been buried six feet under on CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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Aural Stimulation: Traveling Wilburys : BBC Radio Special 2007

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Nah-nah-nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah-nah
Jean-Guy lives in Canada
No tax at the wheel
Ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah-ah
Nobody needs anyone
They don't even just pretend
Ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah ah-ah-ah
Jean-Guy lives in Canada

- adaptation of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans"

I don't trust Canadians anymore. Or is it just that I don't trust Canada anymore?

I'm a Canadian. And I live in Canada. But the more it goes the more I am learning to distrust our motives and instincts. In fact, the more it goes, the more I wonder where we're headed and why we're we're headed there.

The impression that I repeatedly get these days is that the wealthier we get, the more selfish we're becoming. Like truly avaricious people, it seems that since we are doing fine with our wealth, we expect poorer people to do without it. Actually, it makes me feel so very Christmas-y that my bells are jangling at the very thought.

It would be unfair to say that all Canadians are selfish bastards, because that is completely untrue. Plenty of artifacts of a kinder, gentler day remain in Canada to remind us what was once a heart of gold. But is compassion still the standard? I'm not so sure anymore...

I've lost faith.

I've lost faith because Canada is no longer doing the right thing. Yes it is "getting the job done". But, as it turns out, that job is to advertise a product. And the product? Frequently it's a used car - if not a plain ol' lemon. Honest to goodness.

The order of the day nowadays is to come up with a label, a tagline or an image that seems palatable and then sell it. It's all very uni-dimensional. Whether there is any substance behind it is another matter altogether: most people don't really scratch the surface anyway, so it doesn't matter what lies beneath - if anything. What matters is that a certain image is sold to us - even if it means repeating the same untruth endlessly until it becomes commonly known as fact.

This works along the principle of 'The Big Lie' (http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Big_Lie). If everyone uses the same tagline, no matter how untrue, then it will commonly be known as 'the truth'. It can be used to great effect, like "Canada's New Government" - which, no matter how annoying it was, was an ingenious way to distance one's self from the previous government and its scandals.

Essentially, the way Canada functions these days, the following trend is a common occurrence: we are told that this box of cereal contains very nutritious food. We are told this over and over and over and over and over again. Well, it must be true, but we don't bother opening the box. We don't really care about nutritious cereal anyway, but we're happy that someone is making it for those who do eat the stuff.

But some people do check the box. Some even want to eat its content. So they get one.

Based on the packaging, it sure seems like a nutritious cereal. Then they open it only to find that there’s nothing inside. Say what?!!! "Oh, we're going to fill the box later", we're told. Fine. Too bad we're hungry now, though.

The box gets filled later - much later, after being reminded countless times that the box is still empty. It gets filled with Rice Crispies - hardly the stuff of a balanced diet. "But it's made of rice", we're told. "So it must be healthy!" And with a big thumbs up and a big grin, someone adds: "Oh, and it snaps, crackles and pops, too!"

Most of what we're doing these days snaps crackles and pops - but is otherwise full of hot air and little nutrients:

Aboriginals: Unbelievable poverty exists on Reservations, and no one is doing anything about it. There was the 5-billion dollar Kelowna Accord, but that was scrapped the moment the new government came in. Since then? Very little progress. It's not really a priority anyway - most of us are not aboriginals.

Accountability Act: It ignored the full recommendations of Justice John Gomery, whose report brought about the need for this Act in the first place. Furthermore, most of the Act is not in effect yet - even if there are claims to the contrary. So much for Accountability. Nice name, though.

Afghanistan: Death count and injuries add up to close to 700, yet we are always given the bare minimum so as to avoid an uproar. Add to that the admission by Afghan President Hamid Karzai that there IS torture in their prisons, and the contention by our government that there was only one known case (after denying it time and time again) seems farcical at best. The fact that we may be breaking the Geneva Convention by turning over prisoners of war to people who might torture them is constantly ignored. Then there's the fact that some of these prisoners are underage (by our standards, anyway) and you have to wonder how we can keep saying that things are getting better. Meanwhile we're "getting the job done" by killing time with a commission instead of being decisive.

Atlantic Accord: Untruths and manipulation of facts abound in this saga. We may not care unless we live in the Maritimes, but the fact remains that Maritimers and Members of Parliament are constantly being given empty promises and outright fabrication - whether it's Bill Casey being told that he wouldn't be thrown out of his party for voting against it (then being tossed like old garbage), or supposed side-deals being made with Nova Scotia that have not been put to paper until weeks after the fact. It's all distortion, no matter what anyone says - so the truth, whatever it is, loses all meaning in the end.

Childcare: We can all get up to 100$ of taxable cash for every child - instead of actual childcare. The previous plans for national daycare spaces were scrapped and replaced with money that can't buy decent childcare anywhere. But a regular 100$ cash return looks good on paper and that's all that matters (much like a pointless GST cut, for that matter). Meanwhile, forget the kids - let them pay for their own daycare (it's never to early to grow up! :P)

Clean Air Act: The oroginal version was so bad and vacuous that it was sent to a committee for reworking. Then, after being revamped, it was scrapped. So no Clean Air Act - it was just a nice name for a whole lot of hot air.

Committees: It is a known fact that our government distributed a manual amongst its members to trip up parliamentary committees when they don't get their way. As opposed to working with the other parties like a normal minority government would, that is. It's a "my way or the highway" attitude that is very reminiscent of a school yard bully: play by my rules or I'll break all the toys and kick sand in your eyes, too. Then they have the gall of saying that they are trying to make government work (oh, and blame the opposition parties when it doesn't). You're trying alright - trying my patience.

Crime: Our focus these days is on crime, despite declining crime rates. The more we're told that crime is an issue, the more we believe it (of course!). But the fact is that crime is at its lowest is years. And the current crime legislation is similar to policies that have been proven ineffective in the US! In fact, the US have 8 times more people behind bars since the early '70s and the same crime rate they did back then. That's not progress!

Democracy: We pointlessly ostracize Muslim women, we alienate rural voters (who were inadvertently prevented from voting by their last change in voting regulation), and we ignore the fair representation of Ontarians in the House of Commons. Add to this the way committees are run (see above) and the fact that a rising number of candidates in ridings across the country are being tossed aside after being properly chosen by the people and you have to wonder if our voice really matters anymore.

Environment: Well, what can I say? We have done very little on this file in over a decade and despite the urgency of the issue now, we're only doing the bare minimum. Most of us are waiting for the government to do something, and yet they are not inclined to do anything substantial (as evidenced by the recent Commonwealth talks, wherein we were the geniuses behind the scrapping of proposals for actual numbers in our reduction! Let's see if non-binding agreements work, shall we? Call me sceptical...). Meanwhile, most environment-related government programs are being slashed and departments are being shut down by attrition. Not only are we doing next to nothing, but we're actually starving the beggar. So what is the rest of us waiting for? Recycling once in a while is NOT enough!

Health: It is a proven fact that private care is more costly to us as a society than public health care. Sure, the system needs some help - but letting the poor get less services than the rich can only be considered in a world when money abounds. If we think that we can afford it, we just don't care that others simply can't - so long as we're first in line. Meanwhile, no one is doing anything to make the system work - no doubt because there's big money behind privatizing the system. Meh... I don't have time to care or do something about it - my number is up!

Non-Anglophones: Not only are standards for bilingualism lower than ever across the country, whether it be in the military or in federal departments, but minorities have been given a harsh blow with the cancellation of the Court Challenges Program which helped the under-represented get legal help. Its cost was minimal, but we cut it anyway. Then we have the gall to pretend to reach out to minority groups.

Senate: Sure, it needs to be changed a bit. Personally, I think that it should become non-partisan. That way, divisions wouldn't fall along party lines - Senators would agree or disagree based on their understanding of the issues or to reflect the provinces they represent. Change is needed, yes. But to slag them, slander them and make threats is hardly diplomatic or reasonable. After all, their wealth of expertise (they get years of accumulated experience - unlike MPs, who are voted out every so many years) prevented the Accountability Act from being filled with punctuation and grammar error - it was so badly drawn up that the Senate actually had to clean it up (most changes were actually these types of minor kinks - something as simple as spellchecks should have caught in the first place. Says something about who put it together, huh ...?) . Then they were criticized for 'changing' it and slowing down the process. Gee... thanks.

The Shreiber / Mulroney Affair (yes, "affair" - there was lovin' here): Nothing was done about this until certain names were named. Clearly, some people wanted this to just fly below the radar - and it could have. But now that it hasn't, they might kill time until he's extradited - preventing him from appearing at an inquiry. How convenient! While Shreiber is clearly an unreliable individual, something really smells here - there are too many ties and conflicts of interest to let this one slide.

Transparency: Information is controlled like it's never been before. Getting real answers is virtually impossible. There's a standard response for everything or a simple smoke screen to avoid saying anything at all. Watch Question Period someday to see exactly how questions are being avoided and insults are thrown in response to divert attention. Meanwhile documents are not released to the public or are released all blacked out so that we can't get to the truth. It's all in the message. And the message is: none of your business!

Women: Program cuts that helped women are pretty much unprecedented! Even today women do NOT get paid an equal sum of money as men for the same work. Then there's all the other issues that affect women - like women's shelters for women in abusive relationships (something men rarely have to deal with, by the way). Why the cutbacks, especially when one considers how little money was required to fund them? It's a bloody shame that women are worth so little in this country...

Speaking of abusive relationships... To me, it all feels like that's exactly what we're in right now: an abusive relationship. Hurt - then be nice. Be nice for a few days afterwards, then start the cycle over again. Outsiders wonder why we continue the cycle and we respond "Oh,. it's not always like this. Sometimes things are pretty good". And we let it happen instead of getting out.

Hurt, then soothe. Take away the glass of much-needed water, then give it back. Cut back or deny access to programs - then go back to the status quo and pretend that everything was fine in the first place. Or better yet: proudly point out how kind one is being when giving back what was rightfully ours in the first place.

These programs are frequently reinstated at about their original level (and -often- a tad less efficient) and are suddenly touted as innovative new things that are being done for Canadians - ignoring the fact that pretty much nothing constructive was done in the process. All that was done was stealing someone's lunch and then giving it back after sifting through it first - just before lunch period is over.

But it doesn't matter. A lot of us are in our little bubble: we have good jobs, a stable life, and we don't have to deal with immediate environmental disasters or wars. So who cares what happens elsewhere?

The worst thing is that the truth is there for everyone to see (go see for yourselves!). But we never bother to scratch the surface. Forget the terrorists - we're becoming our own worst enemy.

"I'm afraid of Canadians
I'm afraid of their world
I'm afraid I can't help it
I'm afraid I can't
I'm afraid of Canadians
I'm afraid of their world
I'm afraid I can't help it
I'm afraid I can't
I'm afraid of Canadians"

Enough with this rant. Let me give you something you can have faith in and actually take at face value - our trusty weekly playlist: TrustCollapse )

In the hope of sharing my love of music with you guys even more, I will attempt to make a few past mixes available online for you to enjoy.

It may be hard to access, as I've never tried this before and don't know if it'll work, but I will be making them available via the Limewire network. So if you have access to Limewire, then you should be able to download these with ease. Otherwise, you may have to search on the Limewire network with whatever peer-to-peer software you use.

There will be limitations to this access, like in the evenings (or at night) but the files aren't that big so it will just be a matter of connecting with our file-depot once to enjoy them forever thereafter. They will all be at variable bit rate for higher sound quality, but you should be able to play them anywhere.

Just seek out files with "What the...?", "The Thorn", or "CHUO 89.1FM" (or just plain "CHUO") in them. There can't be many other users who use those keywords in their files so it should it should be a cinch to find them. However, as I've said, this is a first for me so I don't know if it will work out.

But we'd love to hear back from you, so that we have a better idea of how to do this or to maximize your access. And please feel free to share, so long as you properly credit us with the mix (i.e. you don't say that you put it together ;).

And if this works out, maybe we can start making show recordings available this way in the future. Who knows - it's all being figured as we go.

Thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

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Aural Stimulation: Nightwish : 'Dark Passion Play'

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Who do you trust?

Trust could very well be based in blissful ignorance or detachment. Blind faith, as it can also be called, suggests that one refuses to see in order to invest confidence in someone or something.

Be that as it may, trust is one of the key elements of human relations. Without a certain amount of belief that who we are dealing with or what we are doing is in our best interests (whether they be self-serving or not), all connections would be weak, if not non-existent.

It is with this in mind that we have built bridges between such far-ranging artists as Khia, Lacuna Coil, Megadeth, New Order, Pocket Dwellers, Recoil, Skillet, Sloan, Matthew Sweet, The Cure, and Tupac Shakur for this week’s show.

We hope that you don’t think that this will be such an odd bunch that it won't work. Trust us… it actually does (in a “What the…?” sort of way ;). Granted, there are quite a few artists that we’ll be spinning for the first time during this set – however, we made sure to throw a couple of all-time favourites in there as a life-line.

Now why don’t you throw caution to the four winds this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern) and have a little faith in CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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The RCMP could benefit from being a little bit more patient.

I mean, I wasn't there, but from what I've read they're a bit Taser-happy. Thanks goodness it is only that; other countries know gun violence at the hands of their 'law-and-order' on a regular basis.

Now that's disturbing.

The very idea that guns should be made available to all citizens is absurd: guns do not protect one from crime. It only provides a false sense of security. And, frequently enough, the guns that one buys to protect one's home is turned on our children or ourselves.


Makes you wonder why gun-toting 'rights groups' are so up-in-arms (so to speak). I mean, you can't even begin to count the reasons why guns are an awful (not lawful!) thing to have around.

Of course, they will always say that, if you prevent law-abiding citizens from arming themselves, you're leaving them in the hands of criminals. Fact is, those people also usually live in countries that make and distribute (i.e. sell for profit) the greatest amount of weapons in the world today.

Criminals are not making these weapons themselves. They buy them. Or steal them. Or take them away from law-abiding citizens and use them on their sorry asses. Guns don't grow on trees - if only because that would be a real bitch for weapon manufacturers who would stand to lose billions. Otherwise, I'm sure someone would find a way to grow gun-toting trees to arm the general public cheaply and efficiently.

No, I think the issue isn't about who has guns and who has the right to arm bears. The issue is why build so much weaponry in the first place? What is the real motive?

It's not being done in the name of freedom, that's for sure - there's money to be made. Now, if one makes weaponry for a living, and one wants to make as much money as possible (as opposed to making enough money to live on), then one needs to sell as many weapons as one can. This suggests finding ways to make what is an otherwise useless item to 95% of the population, a requisite - something that they can't live without. (ironically, this is also something that, as victims of crime, we frequently can't live with)

After all, it all comes down to marketing. Everything is. I don't really need a brush for My Little Pony's hair, but I'll buy one if the arguments are convincing enough. And I don't even own a My Little Pony doll/figurine!!! Likewise, why would I eat pounds of chips and drink gallons of soda if it's going to make fat, provide little real energy and probably pollute my body in the process?

The source of the problem is that violence and weapons pervade our culture. We like to glamourize violence and death to such an extent that it only seems natural to live surrounded by, not only the imagery, but actual violence. We don't like it, but we accept it as a reality. Then we watch increasingly violent overseas news coverage to reassure us that it's a lot worse elsewhere - to give us a biased perspective on the madness we're swirling in.

Let's face it: more and more of our children grow up thinking that violence is okay - that it's a typical day at the park. More and more of them turn into teenagers who believe that it's a completely adequate rite of passage. Sometimes they even wear prison terms as a badge of pride (fact, not fiction!).

What the latter means is that harsher prison terms aren't really a deterrent anymore. It also means that 'law-enforcement' agencies frequently feel the need to heighten the force with which they respond to disturbances. A fear of violence will often motivate us to strike pre-emptively against our perceived opponents. And as we become more and more jaded, as we believe ourselves to be justified in our belief, we commit more and more violent actions.

Sometimes we even commit atrocities that other civilized people can't even begin to consider. And then they stare at us silently. And all we can do is wonder why...

The violence isn't the problem. It's our attitude to the violence which is a problem. The weapons aren't the problem. It's our attitude about weapons that is. Lax punishment isn't the problem. It's our attitude about punishment which is a problem.

We believe that punishment is at the heart of the matter. But in a world that makes heroes of its criminals, one that outmodes the values that make a hero heroic, no punishment is enough. The punishment is already being inflicted on a daily basis - and celebrated. And there is no level of punishment that is retribution enough to be a deterrent.

We need to create a world wherein we don't want and accept violence as a daily part of our lives. We need to change our outlook on what is considered acceptable in our culture. We need to put some checks and balances to prevent us from throwing ourselves deeper into the quagmire - before we blur the lines so frequently and so effortlessly that we no longer see which side we're on.

I'm not one who believes in censure, b-t-w. As adults, we should be able to make our own choices. But I believe that being responsible as individuals and as a people mandates that we put limits on what we will do and what we will accept. Rules build whole civilizations. Structure is what keeps away from total chaos. Guidance is what makes life bearable to live.

And while no one wants to infringe on basic human right or liberties, I don't believe that owning a gun is a right. Being free, living without fear and having access to ample opportunities to develop as a person - those are rights. And that is what we're losing sight of. Somewhere, someone is stripping these basic things and we're letting them; we're the architects of our own demise.

Our view is skewed: the violence doesn't come from abroad - it comes from our own hearts and minds. Retribution will not bring us peace. Pre-emption will not bring us peace. The only that can bring us peace is... peace.

We need to be at peace with ourselves and with the world. We need to cultivate our selves and our countries to be the envy of the world - not because of what we have or make, but because of what we believe, hope, and dream (not only for our selves, but for everyone). Only by being visionaries will others finally see through our eyes - or, at least, want to.

Once we see the same future, only then will they want to join us, and us want to join them - instead of wanting to destroy us and, us destroy them. And only then will we be at peace: free, without fear, and with ample opportunities for all of us to be the best that we can be.

Is it too much to ask for in this lifetime? Is it too big a dream? Is this too foolish to dare or bear?

All I know is that each one of us needs to fight. We need to struggle every single moment of every single day to ensure that we don't succumb to the violence in our own hearts. We need to keep a watchful eye on own actions to pull us out and keep us out of the hole we've begun to dig for ourselves. We need to focus and be resolute in our quest for a better day. We must be unbending and unflinching...

…because the current is going in an opposite direction right now. And it is a very strong current. Yet we absolutely can't afford to let ourselves lose a grip on our own destiny. Most of the time, we are victims because we allow ourselves to be victimized. We become prey because we allow others to prey on us. And we will become slaves if we let others enslave us.

What will it take for us to regain or maintain our freedom for ourselves, our children, and our children's children? Time, effort, and a lot of patience.

Now, since you've patiently read through the above ramblings, here is respite in the form of today's playlist: PatienceCollapse )

If tonight's ramblings seem vaguely familiar to you, please know that it might be. After years of rambling on this page, it's very likely that I return to a theme that is dear to me.

If it's the case and you are disappointed with the repetition, I do sincerely apologize. Honestly, I'm not sure if I've tackled this before - but I hope that, if so, I've at least done it in a fresh fashion.

Thing is… I am adamant that we are blindly headed up our own asses. People have said this since the dawn of time, I know. But things have taken a nasty, selfish, single-viewed turn for the worse in the last 15 years - and it's been precipitated in the last 7 years.

We're no longer protecting ourselves and each other from the predators. We are no longer thinking about the greater good and we are frequently not even thinking about our own good. We live in the moment, forgetting that there are vast stretches of future ahead of us.

And we are mapping our journey towards this future. Now. We are mapping it whether we have blinders on or not. But wouldn't it be better to map it with our eyes wide open?

Christ! The worst thing is that I will never have any progeny so I shouldn't even care. But I care about yours. And maybe you should too.

They deserve a better future. They deserve to be free, without fear and to have ample opportunities to make the best of themselves. They deserve the best of our hopes and dreams.

Thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

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Aural Stimulation: V/A : 'Bossa n' Roses'

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What to do, what to do...? Who could even sit still at a time like this? Waiting around seems like such a waste of time when there must be something else that we can do instead! Aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!


No, this is not a show about hospitals. And we have no mind of playing doctor with you either (athough you could try to tempt us ;).

No. This week's show is actually about chilling out, keeping your cool, not getting your knickers all in a bunch: it's about patience.

No! Wait! Don't turn and run now! Relax... it's JUST a theme - a way to group up some fine, fine tunes together. We're not going to be dispensing advice or discuss the virtues of patience and tolerance on THIS show (although, if you were about to stop reading over such a simple notion, then maybe learning a little patience might be of some help, huh? ;)

No sirree, Bob! This ain't no talk show! In fact, we crammed this one with so much musical goodness that we'll be talking even less than we did on last week's show. It's aaaaaaaaall about the tunes, Holmes.

And what tunes DO we have in store for you this time around? Only the most varied -yet strangely cohesive AND compelling- set you'll hear all week! We patiently listened to hours of music and ended up tossing Electronic, Killing Joke, Manic Street Preachers, Non-Prophets, P.M. Dawn, Psychotic 4, Real., Robot Goes Here, Sixth Finger feat. Dew, Strata, Take That and Zero 7 into one pretty darned tuneful mix.

So why don't you let us check your pulse this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern) as the good doctor tries not to lose its patients on CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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Aural Stimulation: George Michael, "Waiting for the Day / You Can't Always Get What You Want"

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You’ve had conversations go completely wrong. We all have. Sometimes we plan them out but they don’t turn out quite like we’d like. Other times it’s just a naturally progressing dialogue wherein we make a faux pas (or two), and turn a light exchange into a train wreck. And then there are times when we have to deal with someone who is so Rainman-esque that you can’t get your message across.

I’ve had my share of these in my life, and I thought I'd share some of them with you. After all, if I can’t laugh at how inept I can be, I might as well line up at the euthanasia booth.


I once called a girl up for a rather innocuous drink (it was a bubble tea, in fact, as I’d become a regular drinker in recent years). Now, for the record, I don’t make it a habit to chase after women because I’m not what one would call a charmer and, inevitably, I only end up tripping over my tongue. So I typically don't bother.

But this one was intriguing enough that I wanted to go out and chat her up: she worked in a music shop that I went to regularly and she had quite varied musical tastes. She had even made me discover a few bands of note. And if there’s anything I find more interesting than a woman, it’s a woman who knows music and, one presumes, can therefore discuss music.

Now she was waaaaaaaay out of my league and I knew that we had very little in common. This much was clear. But I rarely had good conversations about music with women and the prospect was rather appealing. And, as you have no doubt surmised, she was very attractive. And if there’s anything I find more interesting than a woman –or a man- who knows music, it’s an attractive woman who knows music.

So I decided to call her up at work to see if she would be interested in going for that aforementioned innocuous drink. It went a little something like this:

ME (nervous due to my general timidity): Hi, it’s Al. (long pause… realizing that, with all the customers the store gets, it had to be really hard to narrow it down). You know, the guy who dresses all in black and who bought that DVD boxed set earlier.

SHE: Oh… hi.

What followed seemed to me like the longest silence in the world. But it was probably just a few seconds.

ME: Have you ever had bubble tea?

SHE: What?

ME: Have you ever had bubble tea?

SHE (slightly bewildered): Uh... no.

ME: Well, I was wondering if you’d like to try it sometime. There’s a place right around the corner, and if you’d like we could go for bubble tea.

SHE: Oh.

ME: I’m stuck at the radio right now, but I’ll be done later and we could meet up if you’d like.

SHE (sudden ‘realization’): Oooh.

I laughed nervously, concluding that she simply didn’t want that much ‘attention’ from me (I was essentially laughing it off, knowing full well that I am anti-charismatic and that a one-on-one conversation with me is probably very few people’s idea of a good time).

SHE (cold): Oh, I can’t. I already have plans.

ME (beaming, amused by the awkwardness of this situation for both parties): It’s okay. But if ever you change your mind, let me know.

On my end, I basically took it as a general brush-off, but allowed for her to bring it up again at a later date (I was, after all, a frequent shopper and we’d talk music again). So that was that.

until I realized that the ”oooh” meant that she thought I was asking her out for a ‘date’. Like a date, date. Like I-was-trying-to-get-into-her-pants, date. Ai carumba! That’s why her tone had gone all cold suddenly!!!

Invisible cold sweat was pouring out of every pore as it occurred to me that I might have not only put her on the spot, but also insulted her. I mean, I knew she was out of reach, but she didn’t know that I knew that - and that I was making no such attempt. Sigh... I was mortified.

Now if I had been Larry David-type character, which I’m not (in case you confuse us for some deranged reason), the conversation would have surely continued from her "oooh", like so:

ME (panicked): Oooh? What do you mean “oooh”? There is no “oooh”!

SHE (confused): What?

ME: You said “oooh”!

SHE: I said “oooh”?

ME: You said “oooh”.

SHE: Oh.

ME: No... “oooh”. But there is no “oooh”.

SHE (bemused): There is no “oooh”...

ME (agitated): There is no “oooh”. If I had said something that warranted an “oooh” then that would be fine. But I didn’t, so there’s no “oooh”.

SHE (irritated): What the hell are you talking about?

ME: I didn’t say what you thought I said, so there is no “oooh”.

SHE (indignant): You didn’t say what you said...

ME (focused): No. I said what I said, but you thought I meant something else. That’s why you said “oooh”.

SHE (still indignant): Well what the hell was I thinking that you said, then?

ME (embarrassed): Well… you were thinking that I meant that “we could meet up”.

SHE: “Meet up”?

ME (still embarrassed): Yeah… you know: meet up.

SHE (now confused): Meet up?

ME: No... meet up. You know...

SHE (suddenly irritated): ...meet up?

ME: Yeah… meet up. But I didn’t mean meet, so there is no “oooh”.

SHE (ticked off): You didn’t ask me to meet up. There is no “oooh”.

ME (sheepish): Yeah… there is no “oooh”. Absolutely no “oooh”.

SHE (frankly pissed): Fine! Whatever!

She hangs up the phone.

ME (staring blankly at the open space before me): Okay… fine. But there is no "oooh".


I once decided that I would get a few movie posters framed for my dining area. It’s an expensive process, but I wanted the job done right, so I decided to turn to some professionals; I went to a framing gallery. The experience almost drove me mad: not only did they mix up the orders, but communicating with them to fix the errors they made was like teeth-pulling.

I remember very clearly that, while going around in circles for the umpteenth time on the phone, the absurdity of the moment reminded me of the Monty Python movie ‘The Holy Grail’. In it, there is a scene where a king is trying to prevent his son, the prince, from running away from his own wedding. He asks the guards to keep a watchful eye on him, but they can’t seem to understand his most basic instructions.

For your reading pleasure, I have substituted the characters in the original screenplay for the ones in my own personal experience:

MOI: Hello.

TWO GALLERY REPRESENTATIVES stand at attention behind the counter. One of them has hiccoughs and does so throughout.

MOI: I need to have three movie posters framed. Posters A, B, and C should all be the same size. The dimensions of B should be the guide for the other two, as it is the centerpiece. A is larger and C is shorter than B, but all three frames need to be the same size in the end - even it means trimming poster A a little bit.

FIRST REP: We need to trim B, so that the other two can be the same size.

MOI: No. You may need to trim A so that it's the same size as B.


FIRST REP: A is the same size as C, but only if we trim B

MOI: No... A is bigger than the others, so that's the one you may need to trim.

FIRST REP: ...and then it will be the same size as B


MOI: That's right.

FIRST REP: We don't need to do anything, apart from laminating the posters.

MOI: Framing the posters

FIRST REP: Framing the posters... yes.

MOI: Got it?


MOI makes to leave.

FIRST REP: Er... if... we... er...

MOI: Yes?

FIRST REP (trying to remember what she was going to say): If we... er...

MOI: Look, it's simple. Just frame all three posters the same size, and base yourself on B to frame the other two.


MOI: Right?

FIRST REP: Oh, I remember... can we... er... can we frame them the size of C?

MOI (carefully): No... I need them to be the same size as B.

FIRST REP: Oh, yes! We'll make them the same size as B. But if we made B the same size as C, then we could make A the same size as both of them.

MOI: No... just leave B be and fix the other two.

FIRST REP: So that they're trimmed to be the same size as each other.

MOI: No, not as each other - as B.

FIRST REP: The same size...


FIRST REP: ...as B.

MOI: Right.

FIRST REP: Okay. Fine. We'll make them all the same size a B.

MOI: And don't touch B.


MOI: Don't touch B.

FIRST REP: Don't touch...?

MOI: Yes... make sure...

FIRST REP: Oh yes, of course! I thought you meant you wanted us to not touch it at all. You know it seemed a bit daft not touching the poster if we're going to frame it.

MOI: Is that clear?


FIRST REP: Oh, yes. That's quite clear. No problems.

MOI pulls the door open and makes to leave the gallery. The REPS follow and hand him his rolled up posters.

MOI (to the REPS): What are you doing?

FIRST REP: You forgot your posters.

MOI: No, I want them to stay here so that you can frame them.

FIRST REP: Oh, I see. Right.

They take up positions on either side of the door, one of them brandishing MOI’s poster tube.

Okay. I admit that I took a few liberties in the story to better parallel the original script. For instance, there was no hiccupping rep: although there was a second person there, she wasn’t present for most of the transaction and was not noticeably drunk (if at all). Otherwise, it’s almost all true.

Just know that the conversation spun in mind-numbing circles to the point that it took all of my willpower to not start screaming. However, to be fair, I should add that the end result was very nice. Thank goodness for that – ‘cause I never imagined that I would virtually wage battle over something as trivial as this. Ever.

AT ONE’S THROAT (for all of your sakes, I'll keep this one short)

You know how Three's Company episodes were almost all based on a misunderstanding? Basically, one person would always overhear another say something, but having just missed the context of what is being said would then react waaaaaaaaaay out of proportion and imagine all sorts of silly situations. This would invariably turn a simple matter to all sorts of comedic situations - or a facsimile thereof.

I'm sure that most of us have been on the receiving end of such a criss-cross. I have. But the one that I remember the most has only vague hints of humour in it. I suppose it's funny in a twisted way - especially if you laugh at other people's pain. Having said that, this one is for fans of America's Funniest Home Videos - those of you who always laughed when someone got hurt:

There was this girl in grade school that a lot of us found pretty annoying. Unlike most of us, she had dropped into our class midstream; the rest of us had been together since kindergarten. Other kids had also joined our calls midway (there's always a new kid!), but she wasn't fitting in at all. I don't know if it was her... or us.

But one day I was drawing in the middle of the floor. Why we were all drawing unsupervised escapes me, but I was in a phase wherein I was developping my doodling skills - and I took it somewhat seriously.

This girl I mentioned above, let's name her J, was walking about doing Lord knows what. But she kept passing by the spot where I was drawing. I don't think there was any motivation behind it whatsoever and I initially took no notice of her - being completely involved in my 'art'.

...except that she kept stepping on the corner of my piece of paper. I mean, every single time that she would pass, she would stomp on that corner! And it was getting on my nerves - as a dirty spot was forming in the top of my masterwork.

Obviously, I kept telling her to watch out when she passed - but she would keep doing it. So I got upset.

At one point, I decided that I had had enough! As far as I was concerned, J was just being a real douche-bag and I felt that she deserved to be told off! So I bolted right up, faced her, and told her to "f-off, you f-ing b-!!!"

Well, as luck would have it, a teacher from the grade next door happened to walk in at exactly that same time. Not only that, but she walked in right across from me, behind J, so that I was pretty much facing her as well.

Hearing this nasty filth coming out of my mouth, her notoriously short temper flared and she concluded that what I was saying was directed at her! So she proceeded to come over, yell at me, grab me and drag me outside my classroom - where she then held me in a one-handed pincer chokehold that hurt like hell. (I even like to remember that she lifted me off the ground with that hand, but I'm probably mixing that up with my umpteenth viewing of Star Wars ;)

She was totally incensed, and it took a lot of explaining on my part before she realized that, while I certainly needed to have my mouth washed, I had meant her no disrespect - it was all just a misunderstanding. And, with a few witnesses on my side to confirm that I had been pretty tolerant of J until the end, it ended up being okay.

But that chokehold sure did hurt. And, from that point onward, I always made sure that my filthy mouth hit its intended target :P

Well, that sure was fun. Now, on that note, let us communicate to you this week's mouthful-of-a-playlist: CommunicationCollapse )

Now, if you've made it to the end of this lengthy -and maddening- series of communication meltdowns all the way to here, you must be a very patient person. Which is perfect because, next week, the show will be a on 'patience'.

Like I mentioned previously, we're doing a bit of a trilogy here, with 'trust' closing the series. Not that they are lumped together as such, but the three were thought of at the same time and all are at the heart of human relations - so it only seems right to play the mixes back-to-back.

Anyway, we really enjoyed sharing some of our fun experiences with communicatiopn breakdowns with you. We'd looooooove to hear from you guys and hear your stories too - all kinds of them, from funny to tragic.

All you need to do is post here, or email us, and we just might read them on the air next week (after getting your approval, of course - we wouldn't dare share your memories on the air without your consent first :). No pressure - you have until next Sunday to make up your minds.

Til then, thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

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Ever feel like you're a bit disconnected from the person you're talking with? You ever get this feeling that they just don't understand what you're saying or, worse, that they aren't really paying attention?

Hello? Hello...?

Well, we here at "What the...?" have been thinking about, and exploring the joys of, communication lately. From outrageously farcical to vein-poppingly irritating encounters, we've had the pleasure of enjoying them all. So, obviously, we decided to put a little mix loosely tied around the theme :)

So what do we have in store for you this week? Only the finest earcandy that AFI, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Dread Zeppelin, Garbage, Thea Gilmore, Bruce McCulloch, Ringo Rinfret, Simon and Garfunkel, The Cardigans, The Grapes of Wrath, and The Power Station have to offer - mixed up with a few key soundbites.

And while we know that there is no way that we can cover the whole range of fun miscommunications that can occur, we believe that, in the context of a music-based show, we have a fairly entertaining set for your enjoyment. This may not be a juicy talk show, but we won't be calling this one in - we assure you!

Now take your phone off the hook for only an hour, this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern), and reconnect with CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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I don't get hunting. How someone can go hunting and still sleep at night kinda blows my mind.

How one can willingly take a life and feel detached from the process is something that I simply don't understand. This comes from a guy who grew up on Hollywood violence and once had a fascination with guns (playing with toy guns, perusing books on guns, …etc). So I understand the attraction to guns - even if I don't share it now.

I just don't understand the attraction of killing with them.

My interest in guns was mainly because of the sense of power that comes along with it: at the end of your arm, in a clutched fist, you have the power to destroy. For a kid, this simply means that you can blow $/!t up!!! Hell yeah!!!

Strangely, a lot of us like to destroy stuff for some reason. I don't know if it's coded into our genes or if it's just an issue of "a culture of violence breeds violence". But we just love to break, tear. burn, crush, smash, cut, and explode stuff without a desire for a constructive experience. It's weird, but it's true.

And we love to watch others do it too. Whether it's in movies or on the telly, we have this thing with watching things go "boom". Heck, we even slow down when we see car crashes, as morbid as that can be sometimes. It defies all sense, but people do this all the time.

It doesn't mean that we long to hurt, maim, or kill, though. The relative dissection or utter destruction of inanimate objects doesn't necessarily translate into a desire to enact in the same fashion towards living beings. Some of us value life and hold it dear.

Of course, not all of us do. And I suppose that's part of the problem with hunting. Objectifying the living can result in a wholesale disregard for life.

When one forgets that the blood pumping out of the veins of your 'victims' could easily be your own, one might not empathize with the plight of the being resting at one's feet - a being that is sometimes choking on its own blood and writhing in a pain that was unleashed by the fury of one's merciless weapon. Personally, I can only imagine the fear and bewilderment that rushes when you have been hit with sudden -and imminent- death. I really wouldn't want to trade places.

And that makes me want to avoid unleashing such punishment on anyone -or anything- else. I have been known to take bugs outside instead of crushing them or spraying them. That is certainly a slight underkill on my part, but there you have it - I wouldn't kill unless absolutely necessary. And, most times, you really can avoid the kill.

In my mind, there are very few times when it's absolutely necessary:

Hunting for food is one. Very few people hunt for food these days. We have food everywhere, so it's pretty pointless to go out and shoot a deer - or your beer-buddy's pick-up truck, if you're blind drunk.

Killing in self-defence is another. If someone attacks you for no apparent reason, you simply don't have time to assess your opponent and his/her motivation - you must go for the kill. Especially if you're protecting children.

I'm sure that there are a few more instances when it would be warranted, but I can't think of any. Maybe a mercy killing (i.e. to put someone or something out of their misery, when death is inevitable but they'll have to endure too much paint while waiting for the grim reaper to come). But that opens up a barrage of ethical questions that I can't even begin to get into here.

Otherwise... I don't know.

All I know is that there should be very few times when killing has to take place. And hunting isn't usually a necessity to me. In my mind, it's mostly entertainment. It's when you want to go hang out in the woods with your buddies and lots of beer, or it's when you want to prove yourself a big macho (wo)man who is better than some beast (scary beasts like bunny rabbits, for instance ;). Maybe it's for the power trip. Either way, it's a diversion (i.e. entertainment - not be confused with listening to music, picking one's nose and/or watching paint dry).

And entertainment falls under 'pleasure' - or what is pleasing. And killing shouldn't be pleasing in any way - it should be a necessary evil. That's it. That's all.

Otherwise, it's just disturbing: dammit… you're enjoying the kill or some aspect of it! You're deriving satisfaction from taking lives, for crissakes! Makes you think a bit, don't it? Don't it?

It makes me think that I should be vegetarian - if only so that I can stop the cycle (in my own little way). I have started weaning myself off of meat very slowly, gradually. But it will take years to fully adapt to going without meat. I mean, I like a good slice of bacon once in a while (it's great with eggs. Mmmmmm :)

Which brings me to another reason for being vegetarian: the ethics and environmental consequences of pig farming (or poultry farming, sheep farming, …etc.)

I was reading about those HUGE pig farms in the USA that breed thousands of pigs for slaughter, and the consequences are plain disgusting. It's bad enough that these animals have a pointless, uncomfortable existence until we free them with eventual, inevitable death. But the fact that there are floods of feces that pour out of these places in such huge amounts that the environment can't absorb it makes me feel dirty. Real dirty.

Think about it: seas of shit!!! And large enough so that property values drop because the smell covers the whole region (http://www.skeptically.org/env/id13.html). And since these people can't sell their properties (who would want to go live in THAT!) they end up staying in these horrible conditions. Or they sell off at discount rates and end up in the poorhouse. Nice choice.

And then there are dinoflagellates. I don't even want to read about them too much because it freaks me out. That ponds of pooh can produce these little nasties is enough for me to lay awake at night (http://www.geo.ucalgary.ca/~macrae/palynology/dinoflagellates/dinoflagellates.html). And I don't even live near a creek of crap!!! Seriously, I'm just waiting for "Dinoflagellates: The Movie" to come out next Hallowe'en so that I can pee myself silly with fear.

Sometimes you have to step back and just stop thinking about all this messed up stuff to avoid being overwhelmed by the world. In order to get up in the morning and go to work or school, you have to stop thinking about things that would otherwise terrorize you and freeze you in your tracks. You… just.. have to… STOP!

Ahhhh… ignorance sure is bliss! :)

But…while not thinking about these things might wipe one's conscience clean, it doesn't actually strip us of responsibility for our actions. It might strip us of concern for those actions, it might even wrap us in a convenient and soothing state of denial - but it doesn't make us less responsible.

Just because you are ignorant, you are no less responsible for drinking and driving. Just because you have your head up your arse, you are no less responsible for tainting or taking away your children's childhood. Just because you are oblivious to someone else's feelings, you are no less responsible for hurting them.

But ignorance sure does make me want to get meself a hunting rifle and go fishin', though. Bang, bang, shoot, shoot!

Now, while you ponder some of the value of vegetarianism, let me offer you a meaty playlist for you to devour:Cute Wittle Bunny WabbitsCollapse )

The future is unclear. I know that I want to tackle a trio of shows along the themes of 'communication', 'trust', and 'patience', though (can you tell that this has been the center of some interesting conversations lately? :)

Will that gel? Will I take on this particular challenge (with all its traps and pitfalls)? Will the show be a good medium for the trilogy? Or is our format too constrained for something like this?

We'll see. But, in the meantime, we'd appreciate any ideas that you might have for the show. Whether it's ideas for themes, formats, improvements, …etc., we're open to suggestions.

…after all, that wild and crazy notion that you have today might actually be the wild and crazy radio of tomorrow ;)

Thanks for tuning in
The Thorn.

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Nothing says cutesy-wutesy like wittle wabbit. They're soooooooooooooo cute!!! So vewy vewy cuuuuuuuuuute!!!

Awwww... bunnee!

After last week's disturbing show and a whole four weeks of Hallowe'en grimness, we decided to go the opposite route this week and give you something lighter and... fluffier: bunny rabbits!!!

Nothing says "awwwwwwwwwww" quite like bunnies, so we decided to dig deep and unearthed a whole bunch of odd bits that have something to do with rabbits. Then we tossed them together in a great big bunny rabbit salad that you will no doubt want to sink your pointy little teeth into. No foolin'!!!

Oh, you know you wuv wabbits. You know you do. Now, think about it: how can you not wuv our next show? It's going to be soooooooooooo cuddly it's going to be totally revolting. (Well, okay... it might only be revolting. At least we tried :P)

So pour yourself a great big glass of chilled carrot juice this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern) and perk your ears up for a bunch of bunny bites on CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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