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Planet Death? - The Aftermath - "What the...?"
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Planet Death? - The Aftermath
For tonight's blog, I had an idea, a concept that I would have liked to develop: I wanted to argue against the whole climate change debate, taking the side of climate-change deniers and those who diminish its various causes and impacts.

I've believed for a few years now that something's up. Just looking around me and remembering how my environment was over the years tells me that something's amiss. When people started saying that the problem is massive and the consequences of inaction dire, I pretty much immediately believed - because to me, it only makes sense of what I have seen.

But arguing the opposite view is the best way to strengthen one's opinions. It forces you to see your side of the equation in a different light and it puts your own arguments to the test. This is a basic debating tool to help a person come up with convincing, cohesive arguments and responses. This is what I would have done, as convincingly as possible.

The idea was also to shock those of you who think the way that I do and force you to question your beliefs until they can stand the heat. Thing is, it's popular to think that climate change is happening and that we should be doing something about it. But, by being popular and easy to accept, it makes us complacent in our thinking and in our actions. It makes us soft. And yet this is the one time when we'll need to be battle ready - not simple-minded followers who bend under pressure.

Because the battle will be on a few fronts:
1) against the naysayers, who generally have a lot of money to lose in the process of dealing with our polluted environment and cleaning it up

2) against the elements, as the obvious climate change beats parts of the world senseless - struggling much like an animal would if it were pinned down and choked. Mother Nature is hitting us back and, yes, I believe that it's a consequence of our actions. Fact is, here's one time when we want to pay attention.

3) against ourselves, as we have to make radical changes to our lifestyles. I still blows my mind to see enviro-freaks waste or buy junk that will go straight to the landfill. We will need to rethink our whole way of living, folks. There is NO OTHER WAY OUT. We need to be conscious of how we live in order to survive.

It will be difficult. Especially when it comes to changing our habit and influencing those around us to do the same. We are rich here, and we believe that we are due everything. Not so. Everything that we buy and/or waste has an impact. The way that we consume affects the way that we live... and the way that we will die. So I wanted to challenge everyone with tonight's blog. I wanted to put you to the wall - and further test my own beliefs in the process.

But it didn't happen.

The reasons why it didn't happen are many. It's not that I don't believe strongly in the quest - anyone who personally knows me, knows who manic I am about reducing my consumption, wasting less, and recycling like a mofo. It's not that I am complacent - I read more insufferable garbage from the naysayers than I could endure, preparing for this blog. And it's not because I can't muster the intellectual energy to put it all together - I've debated more challenging -and controversial- issues than this in my time.

The fact is, the reason why it didn't happen is because I simply couldn't pick myself up off the floor. Sitting in front of the computer, reading bullshit from http://www.globalwarming.org/, http://heartland.org/Index.cfm, or http://www.americanthinker.com/ wasn't compelling enough to bring me back to life these last few days. It's not the subject, however, it's pretty much everything. I feel strongly about the way we're scatting all over the world and I'm disgusted by the unconsciousness of the masses. I don't care that polls show we're concerned about the environment - it's all empty words, when you look at the daily reality. We expect government to do something when need to personally take responsibility each and single one of us.

I'm angry. But the rain has flooded away the fires and swimming against the current. So an in-depth blog will need to wait.

For this I apologize. Those of you who read this blog regularly expect something unique and somewhat creative. It doesn't always happen due to time limitations, but tonight is a real washout.

I hope that you will go visit those blogs I listed above and go wade through the swill that so many are willing to accept as their daily bread. I hope that you will challenge your every belief and notion so that your understanding of the issues can go deeper than ever. I hope that you will continue to change the way that you live so that you can become friendlier to our environment. And I hope that you will find a way to influences those around you - if only by leading the way and being an example (a concept that escapes this current Canadian government, by the way. "All or nothing" is not a laudable position where this matter is concerned. !@#$)

I offer the following basic arguments for you to read about and challenge:

-Climate change can be good.
-Climate change is normal; the world's climate is in a constant state of change and never remains the same permanently.
-Climate change will simply redistribute the areas that are liveable. Vast areas are currently unliveable - they will become liveable and others that are won't be.
-The planet has experienced far greater extremes in temperature and has since thrived
-Profitability. We will be able to get oil and other resources from areas we couldn't reach until now.
-Environmental activists are overdoing it: this year, the Antarctic sea ice has spread!
-Winter sucks anyway (as a joke, obviously :)

I wish that I could help you in your journey. But, besides the weekly show that is thematic in nature, there's not a lot I have the strength to do right now. I will continue to lead the way by rethinking, reducing, reusing and -last resort- recycling in my daily life. I have brought change just by doing things that makes others wonder, by rethinking the way I live. Others have followed suit. And you can do it too.

Just by braving the world, standing out and explaining your position soberly, it gives others 'permission' to do what you're doing. Sometimes seeing someone else act is all others need, so I challenge you do be innovative and to spread the word - coherently and soberly. This is where credibility lies - not in manic, misinformed and misguided blather (something that this blog frequently is, I might add :P)

On that note, I will leave you to peruse tonight's scorched playlist, then I will return shortly (and briefly):

Ian Astbury - Back On Earth
Björk - Earth Intruders
Placebo - Allergic (To Thoughts of Mother Earth)
The Smashing Pumpkins - Tales of a Scorched Earth
Cradle Of Filth - Scorched Earth Erotica
Tristania - Tender Trip to Earth
Marilyn Manson - The Last Day On Earth
David Bowie - Law (Earthlings On Fire)
Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth
Tom Waits - Earth Died Screaming

On another note, I just want to let all of you know that the show may go on hiatus in the near future. May. Not will.

Thing is, some changes at the station are about to affect the show considerably and I may need some time to rethink the format or identity of the show. This would require much time and work, so I am considering taking the show off the air until that is sorted.

Doing the show takes a considerable amount of time, having even impacted my personal life to devastating effects in the past, so I don't think that I would have the time or energy to do both at once - conceiving, producing, and hosting a new show each week (including the blogs, emails, and other fun things that go along with that) AND totally revamp the show into something new.

I just wanted to forewarn those of you who expect a weekly dose of thorny goodness: we might suddenly go MIA :)

And if this happens it will be soon - and it will be for an unspecified amount of time.

Thanks for tuning in.
The Thorn.

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2 comments or Leave your comments, concerns and complaints
sndo From: sndo Date: December 11th, 2007 04:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Ever heard of Alan Watt? www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com
He believes that global warming is a hoax perpetuated by world leaders in order to take control of our resources.. "You, the people, are far too stupid to manage your own resources, so we'll step in and take control"
A lot of people think he's a nut, and I'm on the fence, but he does have some pretty interesting stuff to say.
the_thorn From: the_thorn Date: December 12th, 2007 12:35 pm (UTC) (Link)

Alan Watt

It's an interesting argument, but it seems to me to be a tad conspiracy-minded. I honestly believe they have other self-interests well before considering our resources.

They're far happier selling them to foreign companies - which is what is happening here in Canada. A lot of our major resources are now controlled by outsiders, which is sort of weird when you think about it...

Anyway, thanks for the link - I'll share it with the friendly people on Myspace :)


PS: and thanks for the feedback :)
2 comments or Leave your comments, concerns and complaints