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chuo 89.1fm's "What the...?" says farewell to old friends this Monday from 9 to 10pm!!! - "What the...?"
Radio with multiple personalities
chuo 89.1fm's "What the...?" says farewell to old friends this Monday from 9 to 10pm!!!
The Lone Wolf

"What the...?"

Radio with multiple personalities

June 7, 2000-January 7, 2008

Community radio show "What the...?", the inimitable idol of zillions, has passed away and gone on to the great transmitter in the sky. After 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days of weekly enjoyment for countless dozens of unexpectant channel changers, the airwaves will no longer be infected by its presence. Only middle-aged by radio standards, its relatively brief stay was nonetheless filled with enough embarrassment to last a few lifetimes - proof of which has been permanently recorded for future generations to ponder.

"What the...?" was conceived in the back of an old Buick Super Sedan in the spring of 2000. The little bastard found its radio voice faster than its legs in the form of its host, Al (derisively known as 'The Thorn'). From the onset, its flavour and good taste were questionable, but nonetheless palpable. It was originally slated to run every Wednesday from 8 to 10am, and it managed to annoy locals on their way to work - a golden age when 120 mins actually felt like twice as much. It was magic. All black.

This began a time of trials and tribulations for listeners and their neighbours alike, as programming was played backwards on purpose, stinging karaoke was performed live, and cartoon shows were processed in audio format for the dubious enjoyment of a visual world. Over the years, the show fought a few battles, being tossed about from one time slot to the next - at first due to segregation and then for the simple pleasure of challenging its potential fanbase.

Fiercely independent in attitude (but not necesarily in content), it quickly garnered a reputation as 'the lone wolf of broadcasting'; regardless of the many hurdles it faced, "What the...?" cut through it all and carried on tirelessly with only the rare outside input, assistance, or support from family, friends, and fans. The world was its oyster and damn it all if there wasn't a pearl inside!

"What the...?" is survived by its host, The Thorn, its mascot, the filthy demented radio clown known as Rabies, and its siblings at CHUO 89.1FM. Flowers and condolences should be forwarded to the station at: CHUO FM, 65 University Pvt., Suite 0038, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9A5, CANADA.

A memorial service will be conducted this Monday from 9 to 10pm (eastern) as we pay a final tribute to CHUO 89.1FM's "What the...?" - the only Radio With Multiple Personalities!!!

Please note that "What the...?" can also be heard on the web via chuo.fm

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